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Brides of Waldheim

The Summer 2024 Issue of Morasha contains an article on "The Brides of Waldheim". These ladies' gravestones included a ceramic portrait of themselves (and sometimes their husband) dressed in wedding attire [or in a few cases where the headstone did not include a picture holder, the image appears on their Find a Grave profile]. Because there was space for only a few of these images in the Morasha article, all of them have been posted here. 

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The Brides and I thank you for visiting them today.  I know this is not a conclusive list. Surely there are more Brides in Waldheim that I'm not aware of. If you recognize a bride and can share a story, please shoot me an email.  If you know of a bride I have missed, and you can provide a photo of the stone and the particulars, please email me with the details. I'd love to hear from you.  Sandy Parker  skparker@aol.com.

Altman, Katie

Arond, Rose Lohn

Asher, Annie Chovis

Cohen, Eva Kaplan

Cohen, Rose Sirota
(circa 1899-1918)

Cohn, Bessie
(circa 1877-1906)

Davis, Bertha
(circa 1885-1918)

Isaacson, Fay Wool

Jacobson, Anna
(1898-1928) wife of Jacob Kammer/Krammer

Lasker, Sarah
(circa 1884-1912)

Levy, Frieda
(1900-1921) wife of Leo Diamond

Matenky, Frieda Nathanson
(circa 1885-1919)

Meyer, Elaine

Miller, Miriam and Abraham
(circa 1859-1936)

Pincus, Tillie Fogel
(circa 1912-1938)

Pitrak, Ida Coleff

Winner, Betty Wells

Zaban, Pauline Zev

The photos used on this page were almost all taken from memorials on Find a Grave, then were retouched using various techniques to improve and clean the portraits. The actual photo credits go to Johanna, The Dark Poet, Jim Craig, M W Olivia, Anonymous was a Woman, Roots & Wings, JSmart, Janet R Gertz, David Miller, Rita Ogron, DM47, John Martine, Ace, Jodie Williams, Judith Pierce Gunnett and Doug Bank

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