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As genealogists we sometimes come to a point where we need outside help with some aspect of our family research. While JGSI has a number of members who do research for others, in order to be impartial it is our policy not to recommend any specific individual.

Instead we recommend the following process to our members:

1. Post to the JGSI Members Forum
Make a posting on our Members Forum. Login to your JGSI membership on our website, then navigate to Resources and then Members ForumThis forum allows members to help other members with specific issues. You can make a posting where you fully describe where you are in your research and what issue you need help with. This should include the specific location (if known) where your ancestors lived and time period. Other JGSI members can respond with ideas on where and who might be able to help you. Remember to always ask for references before hiring any researcher.

2. Read JewishGen’s suggestions
You can access the Jewishgen website at https://www.jewishgen.org/InfoFiles/ProfGen.html for their information on hiring a professional genealogist.

3. Check out information from the Association of Professional Genealogists
The Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) has members with expertise in a range of areas. To find information on hiring a genealogist and well as a link to a list of their members go to https://www.apgen.org/cpages/how-to-hire-a-professional-genealogist

Whatever path you take, if you hire a professional researcher, remember to have an agreement on the fees to be charged and obtain references of people who have used the researcher for similar research.

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