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Am Echod Dedication Booklet 1968

Am Echod was originally an Orthodox congregation which was organized on September 20, 1896. The synagogue's first treasurer was Meyer Kubelsky, the father of comedian Jack Benny. After several years of meeting at the homes of members, the group moved to a former store location on South Country Street in Waukegan. By April 1920, the congregation has outgrown its space and relocated to the corner of Sheridan and Washington. The Jewish community in Waukegan continued to grow and on July 17, 1927, the cornerstone was laid for construction of a new synagogue located at 330 N. Sheridan Road. This location was opened in 1928. Over time, the congregation grew. Waukegan became the largest Jewish community between Chicago and Milwaukee. Growing numbers pressed for the purchase of a new site located at 1500 Sunset. This location was dedicated in 1968 but the building was razed in 1973. Due to population changes and declining membership, in 2004 the congregation relocated to Lindenhurst. In 2017, Am Echod moved to its most recent location in Grayslake. Although they no longer occupy the space at 15 Commerce Dr., they continue to come together as a congregation and the group is a member of the Union for Reform Judaism.

The scanned booklet from the temple dedication on June 9, 1968 includes a history of the congregation, images, and names of past rabbis and members.

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