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JUF Death Notices & Obituaries

Published 1994 through july/august 2024


Published by 
The Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago

JUF News publishes obituaries as a service to the community.
May the memories of all who have died be a blessing.

JUF maintains current death notices and obituaries on their website. Search JUF's website 

The JGSI searchable JUF database contains JUF notices and obituaries that may not be online at JUF.org

October, November, and December deaths may not have been published until the following year. If searching by year, we recommend searching both years.

2. Do not assume the displayed month/year is the month/year of death. The 'Date of Death' date displayed may represent the published month or year, and some displayed month/year data are know to be inaccurate.  If you believe a record is the one you are researching, you are encouraged to view the actual obituary on file with JUF (online if possible), other online obituary service, or the funeral home indicated.  

3. JUF does not publish issues in February and August.

Question: Can I search for family and other names that are in the obituary notice?

Answer: Yes.  Select the obituary database and enter the name in the 'Notes-1' search field.  NOTE: You do not have to select a database.

Question: My search resulted in a large number of records with the name or names in the obituaries I'm searching.   How can I search a displayed list of obituaries to find the name or names I'm looking for?

Answer: Most browsers have a Search feature. Use the browser help features for details. Please note that many broswers use COMMAND KEY + F to allow searching.

Below is an example using the Firefox browser.  To find the next instance of the name hit 'Return' and the next name instance will be highlighted.

Image of using browser search feature

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