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Waldheim Cemetery Gate 240:
Mikro Kodesh Anshe Lida and Pinsk Congregation

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Waldheim Cemetery Office
1400 Des Plaines Avenue
Forest Park, IL 60130
(800) 222-4541
(708) 366-4101

Mikro Kodesh Anshe Lida and Pinsk Congregation  - Gate 240
in the heart of Waldheim Cemetery  is just across Aaron Road from Gate 238 Pinsker Independent Society
and just on the east side of the old train tracks where Gate 129 is located.  
Gate 129 is also an Anshe Lida and Pinsk section.

Back fence of Gate 240 with a sign that reads Cong. M.K.A.L. Pinsk


Marker post at the road

Map of the southwestern Belarus area which shows Pinsk and the surrounding area

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